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God sets a table... - 11/11/2022

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I’m Shelley Taylor, a Celebrate Recovery alumni, and I totally believe in your ministry because of what it did for me.  Post CR, I wrote a book of encouragement that I’d love to share with you.  Its title is [With My Last Breath, I’d Say I Love You] - when your faith and hope slip, grace wins every time, and it’s the words I penned as the result of being the daughter of a prescription drug addict for over 40 years.  My mom lost her life as a result of her drug use and my dream is to bring hope to those in similar circumstances as my sisters and I were in.  I’d love to see if my book could be a resource for those going through CR as I know too well the support needed for those healing and their families.  This book is my love letter back to the Lord for all He’s brought me through and encouragement to the reader that He can do the same for them.  I lived 40+ years as a daughter of a prescription drug addict. My parents told me at age 36 that my twin had died at birth. I was married for 27 years, then divorced. I was poisoned by carbon monoxide ten years ago on Valentine’s Day and sustained a traumatic brain injury with chronic migraines. I’ve lived both beautiful and broken breaths, I’m a seeker of God’s grace and writing is my ministry. My book will bring hope to those recovering, those still fighting and those just breathing, and I’d love for it to be a resource for Celebrate Recovery.   You can read more about me and my book at or the sites below. e-versions are available as well. Facebook: (this is my book’s Facebook page)Instagram:  @shelleylovestaylorTwitter:  @shelleytaylorXOPinterest:  @imataylor2013In Christ’s love, Shelley Taylor #Amazon


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To stay updated on all the latest news and events, follow us on our Facebook page.